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My opinion about the book “Jack the Ripper. The 21st Century Investigation” by Trevor Marriott By Kate Dogteva

My opinion about the book “Jack the Ripper. The 21st Century Investigation” by Trevor Marriott

Today I would like to say a few words about the most difficult book I’ve read in my life. I will speak about the modern investigation of the world’s most famous series of murders described in book “Jack the Ripper. The 21st Century Investigation”.

First of all I should say that I am very interested in serial killers and inquests which were taken to put them to jail so it was very important for me to read this book until the end despite it was very hard. Let’s speak about difficulties you will have to deal with reading it.

The first part of the investigation is based on considering victims of Jack the Ripper. Describing the places of murders, the work of coroners and others author used many large quotes taken of the cases which were carried out in 19th century. As you can guess English has changed drastically since then. So reading those huge passages of interviewing witnesses and descriptions of bodies’ mutilations was extremely hard even for such interested reader as I am. I couldn’t wait until those parts would end to discover what Mr. Marriott had thought about it.

And it was worth waiting! Despite a large amount of new words (from detective and medical areas), whose meanings I had to guess because I had been reading this book most time during travelling by train without dictionary, it was so breathtaking to find out how many mistakes had been made in 19th century and how they could been simply corrected if the detectives had had modern technologies like DNA-testing or even simple fingerprinting. The author had also made a great work of investigating other modern investigations showing their narrow-mindedness and sometimes silliness. Instead he presents his own original point of view which is so logical and understandable that I couldn’t believe other people hadn’t been able to come to those thoughts themselves!

As a conclusion I can say that you will have many hours full of being astonished by a plenty of facts you didn’t know about the most famous serial killer of all the times if you choose to read this book. As an addition to many new words you can study you will discover the true identity of Jack the Ripper! Isn’t it cool? :)  

 Jack the Ripper


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